Only department at the creation of the Institute in 1996. This department deals with questions relative to sciences, human sustainable development. All of the researchers depending, are seniors with experiment in recognize universities and organizations.

  • Because the development is centered above all on man,
  • Because for others there are richness only on man,
  • Because the man is at least conceptual craftsman of any development,

The department of social sciences covers a large range of disciplines:

Sociology, anthropology, psychology, the communication, economy (and its dismemberments), popularization and so on.

Our expertise enabled us to carry out missions in others for private structure around Africa and the government of Benin, the World Bank, and UNESCO through Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, etc (see listing of the missions by department)

An academic case.
Accredited Permanent Consultant close to the CAR (Cooperative for Rural Management) and URCAR (Regional Union of CAR) of Grand – Hinvi by the World Bank, the conclusions of our mission (1996) had advised the retrocession of the grounds and co-operative catches by the Government, to their owners: peasants.

The consulting assistance out from 1996 – 2004 showed the accuracy of our conclusions.
The co-operators cleansed, the overdrawn slate several billion, set up small oil mills, bought their own trucks.
Chaos recorded today (trouble since 2004, when some attempts to catch again grounds were noticed) is a signal which was to be understood

We thank the World Bank once again, not to have doubted our competences and our capacities of analyses.

Our department still enable to share his experience on sustainable development with others national or international structures.

Our department ensures several missions:

Formation: on questions directly relating to social sciences and for the need for the other departments.
Restitution and technological transfer of packages
Communication –
Management of conflicts between various actors.