Observation of some lacks, in private area to conduct research or collect scientific data, incited the creation of this scientific structure. IDAC is exclusively a panel of multidisciplinary scientists and high competence:

  • Professors from various Universities, Researchers, Specialists in various areas, Experienced Practitioners.

IDAC registration took effect since 1996, and was noticed by the Ministry of Interior of Benin,

the n°96 / 248 /MISAT / DAI – SAAP – ASSOC of 11-28-1996,
JORB n°24 of 12-15-1996, p848.

INSAEE registration: N°2967320223630.


The logo

en tete

  1. The vegetation. It means hope, possibility of life. It is the support of animal habitat. IDAC focuses his attention on Vegetation, because it must be protecting to save the whole planet.
  2. The cupola. It symbolizes a universal knowledge, under which research is possible.
  3. The sun. It is a source of life; it is the light which illuminates human ignorance, thanks to experience of research every day.
  4. The farming. It’s the target to aim, in order to reach the whole fulfillment of Africa, but by protecting the indigenous species.
  5. Women and Men. It’s the expression of collective work, to a sustainable development.
  6. Wells.It is source of water, it is source of knowledge symbolize by IDAC, where scientific data will be concentrated.

The aims pursue

IDAC (Institute for Development and Consulting Assistance) is not:

– a governmental structure
– a political party
– a club of business opportunities

IDAC is a structure registered under Nonprofit Association (ASBL) law. Law of 1901

IDAC pursues only one goal: Research, trough his team of scientists. The most specifics objectives are:

  1. become a real bank of scientific data, in various areas;
  2. offer an expertise and assistance,in social sciences, Economy, education, environment, agronomy and medicine, to others structures or governments in the world;
  3. become a frame of reference for young researchers, to start and built their career, under the guidance of seniors, for a transfer of experiences.


In 1996, an old senior researcher thought to create an Institute which can integrate various areas of science. That’s was the little story of creation of IDAC (Institute for Development and Consulting Assistance) by: Doctor Finagnon Mathias OKE (1937 – 2005). He was:

  • Pr. in Sociology – Anthropology (University of BENIN);
  • Member of the International Sociological Association: ISA (CANADA) since 1978;
  • Founding member of African Association for Sociology and Anthropology (AASA) since 1977– Ilé Ifè (Nigeria);
  • Member of the general board of the world Academy for Development & Cooperation (WADCOPE) since 1982 (USA)
  • Registered as Master to the Board of CAMES (Africa & Madagascar Committee, for University Studies) in 1991;
  • Honorary Citizen of Tucson (29th July 1970, State of Arizona / USA);
  • Honorary Knight of the National Order of Benin

A summarize of his scientific life


The structure: Scientific level

IDAC has two major authorities and 4 scientific departments.
The authorities are: the President and the Scientific Committee.

The two major authorities

The President must direct one of the four Departments,and must have an advice on all missions which are done by the Institute.

The Scientific Committee regroups some scientists of the four departments to decide the main scientific activities, given authorization and so.

As it was noticed before, all scientists are registered in various universities (Benin, Nigeria, South Africa,Lille/France)

The departments
  • Department of Sociology –Anthropology – Economy – Communication
  • Department of Environment and Agronomic Questions
  • Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
  • Department of Alternative Medecine & Indegenious Therapeutic Knowledge

The structure: Administrative level

Consulting Assistance) has a unique administration composed by:

  • A General Secretary’s office; in coordination with
  • Administrative Direction;
  • Direction of Extern relations;
  • Financial Direction;
  • Records and Computer data treatment section.

The Functioning

IDAC (Institute for Development and Consulting Assistance), doesn’t receive subsidies from government.

The financial resources are deriving from:
– His audits (for industries, for governmental agencies, farms);
– His trainings;
– Grants, donations and bequests.
Each research pays 10 per cent of his monthly salary one time per year,for a minimal functioning of the Institute.